Terms and Data
Intraday Chart Prev. Close
Ref. Level at 4PM 16.48 Market Cap 121.5 (B)
Volume 813.2 (M) Tick Size0.010
52-Week High/Low 14.93/ 21.08 Shares Issued (M)7368
Board Lot (Shares)500 P/E3.3
Cost per Lot ($)8,240.0 P/BN/A
Reported EPSN/A Dividend Per Share N/A
Dividend Yield (%)3.942  
Technical Indicators
Day Moving Average16.942 Month(s) Performance-2.8 % Month(s)
Relative Performance to HSI+0.1 %
Day Moving Average16.655 Short Selling Ratio†8.2% Southbound Shareholding
Ratio / Value^3.1%/ 3.7 B
Day Moving Average16.632 Last 10Days record of
Southbound Net Buy/Sell
Last 10Days record of
Warrant/CBBC Net Inflow/Outflow
Day RSI36.474 Warrant Call/Put
Outstanding Ratio (%)
CBBC Bull/Bear
Outstanding Ratio (%)
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